Painted Presidents has partnered with artists Andy Thomas and Jack Dawson to provide unique patriotic art prints to the Missouri Friend of NRA events for many years. Hopefully your group could benefit from having one or both of these featured prints in your auction this year?  Use the discount code in your email to receive your special FNRA pricing.

If My People by Jack E. Dawson, was painted in 2001 shortly after the attacks on 9/11.  Jack had originally thought the hands mending the flag would be a founding father, but as he sketched the original painting his mind was drawn to the scars of Christ and His promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Here the nail-scarred hands of Jesus mend our flag, just as His hands will mend the heart of our nation if His people pray! Hidden messages are found throughout the painting, from the tattered flag that speaks of neglect, bullet holes proclaim the spiritual and physical warfare waged for our freedom, an unborn child testifies that life is precious at any age, and the face of evil rises in the smoke of the Twin Towers. Though we live in a world of violence and tragedy (and viruses!), we see His people praying in the flag? Are you praying and seeking His face? He promises if we do, He will hear and forgive and heal our land.

Another great print is The Republican Club by Andy Thomas. The very first “Republican Club” print that we put in the auction in Joplin, Missouri didn’t sell, it instead was chosen during the dinner raffle as the pick of the auction, so we aren’t sure how much it would have raised. Last year we had a print in every Missouri event and most sold well above the suggested retail.

The Republican Club was painted in 2018 as part of Andy’s series of presidential paintings.  After this painting was introduced, President Trump was doing a 60 Minutes interview from his private office in the White House, and hanging on the wall in his office was this print!  After that exposure, Andy did interviews on all the major news shows to talk about the print.  President Trump later called Andy to thank him for the print and tell him how much he enjoyed it.

If you are interested in any of the items on this website, email us the tax exempt letter for you group and use code provided in your email at checkout for your discount on the Painted Presidents website.  Once we receive your tax letter we will ship your prints within two weeks. If you event is close, let us know and we’ll expedite the order. The one discount on these limited edition prints is only available for the FNRA groups to sell at your event.  If you event has been cancelled, you might try one of these in a social media raffle or auction.

If you are with an FNRA group and haven’t received an email with a discount code, send us an email to or call us at 417-413-4871.